Sunflowers Brighten a Colonial Summer Party

Sunflowers are one of the quintessential summer flowers. Their yellow hue, large face and sturdy stems allow for various manipulations and sunflowers function easily within a bouquet—providing a point of interest, or work on their own to create an interesting, unique look. We helped design a summer event at the historic Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, the former Abigail Adams Museum, on 61st Street in Manhattan. As the name suggests, the structure is colonial and therefore we drew inspiration from history! The Mount Vernon Hotel operated as a country estate back in the 1820s and 1830s, when New York City didn’t even stretch above 14th Street. It was important for us to preserve this appearance, yet add some modernism to the scene.

Here you can see our vibrant sunflower columns that were over 8 feet tall at the doorway to the hotel. The sunflowers added color and an freshened look to classical columns that were essential to the home’s architecture.

Sunflower columns line the doorway of the Mount Vernon Hotel.

Then we incorporated the sunflowers into the lawn section of the estate by constructing sunflower cubes where haystacks used to stand.  This is a contemporary interpretation of a colonial farm design, and we scattered the cubes throughout the lawn for a futeristic presence.  In total, over 1000 sunflowers were used.

Sunflower cubes scattered throughout the lawn.

For the sunflower cube concept, we once again turned to history—only this time we called upon the Impressionists. Monet completed a series of haystacks in 1890-91, which inspired us to create the floral cubes and we used the yellow color palette of his series by working with sunflowers.

Claude Monet, "Haystack." 1891

VanGogh also used similar colors in his painting of a wheatfield, which he completed in the sweltering heat of summer in 1889.  Van Gogh was often fascinated with indigenous plants of the countries he planted, here picturing wheat. Sunflowers are native to North America, thus keeping with our American roots.

Vincent van Gogh, "Wheatfield with Cypresses." 1889

Bella’s Twilight Wedding Bouquet

Whether you were on Team Edward or Team Jacob for the duration of the Twilight saga, one thing is for certain: Bella’s decision to wed Edward will undoubtedly result in an elaborate wedding that would rival the lavishness of Chelsea Clinton’s extravaganza.  These nuptials are surely one of the most highly anticipated events of the vampire and human world alike, and Castle & Pierpont helped InStyle plan the floral details for such an enchanted occasion since the moment won’t be captured on the big screen.

June’s issue of InStyle Magazine featured an imaginative Twilight wedding, with every feature thoughtfully articulated based on Bella’s style throughout the series. For the floral bouquet, Bella inspired us with this quotation from Breaking Dawn, “‘It smells wonderful!’ I assured her—almost intoxicating, but not at all overwhelming… ‘Orange blossoms… lilac… and something else—am I right?’”

Bella's wedding bouquet featured in InStyle Magazine.

We were delighted to transform this vision into the bouquet pictured above. In the feature, Rori explains, “The Twilight series is so classically romantic. I was inspired to create a timeless, whimsical, almost innocent bouquet of white garden roses and freesia that reflects true love in its purest form, with a touch of the darker side of Bella’s desire coming through with hints of deep helleborus.”

Though the bouquet looks seemingly simple and pure, the black organza ribbon reflects Bella’s darker desires. We can’t wait to see the rest of Bella and Edward’s story unfold on-screen for the last chapter of the saga: Breaking Dawn.

Edward and Bella at the dance.

In Store Now: Vintage Printed Pillows

As the last month of summer barrels towards a close we are unfortunately reminded of all the sprucing up we promised ourselves we would accomplish mere months ago!  Whether it be a full remodel or simple décor freshening, there are always preparations to make for fall and winter throughout the home. Enter our vintage throw pillows!

These redesigned classic pillows bring simple botanical and natural prints effortlessly into the home. The prints have been redesigned in a contemporary format and hand-screened onto textured natural linen.  These gems come in three different sizes: 24” x 16” and 18” x 18”, which are available for $235, and 24” x 24” is $290.

Butterfly printed pillow. Size 20"x20" pictured.

Sure, you could curl up with a good book this fall without one of these pillows. But why would you do that when you can cuddle comfortably with one of these…and with style!

Botanical and nature vintage printed pillows from Castle & Pierpont.

A Cool, Breezy Summer Party in Water Mill

A summer party is rarely confined by the indoors so it has the opportunity to be unique, lively and run off the energy of the party’s guests . The warm weather suddenly brings the prospect of a patio or a tent, which acts as a blank canvas to completely absorb the host’s vision. This summer party in Water Mill, Long Island wanted visitors to feel as though they escaped to an exotic resort—a tropical, yet cool getaway, so nothing screamed palm trees or sea shells.  The inspiration was  fresh, breezy, modern and, most importantly, natural.

First, we custom made ombre linen table cloths to give each table a stylized appearance. The entryway to the party showcases these linens and their terrific, graceful fade. This was inspired by our own International Man of Mystery, designer Paul Ampol (you may know his work from the Four Seasons).

The party's entryway, featuring ombre table linens.

As you entered the main reception tent the main focal point was a giant, organic-looking chandelier. This chandelier contained many natural elements from its color and material but the glass pieces added a sparkle of elegance, which was further enhanced by the Gloriosa lilies in the vases.

This chandelier was showcased in the center of the tent.

The Gloriosa lilies were so beautifully captivating that we repeated them on a custom, gold-stenciled white linen panel that spanned 40 feet on the back wall of the tent. This repetition helped carry the theme throughout the tent and provided a truly brief, exotic escape for our guests!

Gloriosa Lilies disguise the back wall of the reception tent.

Lastly, we had another linen panel with hand painted Vanda orchids to further perpetuate the natural theme of the evening.

Our gold-stenciled white linen panel.

Chelsea Clinton’s Ivory Wedding Flowers

Unless you have successfully avoided magazine stands and news sources everywhere, you probably heard that Chelsea Clinton married last weekend.  The fanfare leading up to her big day was rather intense as the paparazzi and media attempted to pinpoint the highly secretive details of the ceremony—designers, caterers, attendees and flowers, of course!

Would Chelsea choose a summery accent color for her flowers or follow a traditional monochromatic theme?  We couldn’t help but get in on the buzz as the NY Daily News did their wedding breakdown prediction: “Rori Pierpont, head designer at Castle & Pierpont in SoHo, says that high-end choices, like flown-in orchids or Casablanca lilies, hit the half-a-mil mark. Even mid-range blooms like hydrangeas, garden roses and perennials are a cool $250,000.”

Chelsea Clinton carries a monochromatic white bouquet of gardenias and roses.

It turns out we weren’t too far off! Chelsea carried a classic ivory bouquet of white gardenias and white roses.  Though gardenias are one of our favorite flowers to work with for sophisticated brides, often many florists shy away from them because can be exceptionally tricky to handle. Luckily, we have the technique and patience for such an affair and can ensure that the pricey gardenias transition into a gorgeous gardenia bouquet. Our only criticism of the bouquet is that it seems a little too large! Chelsea’s stunning Vera Wang dress has a wide, beaded waistline that is quite the show-stopper, but the large bouquet is somewhat obstructive and competing with the dress for attention. The bouquet should never block the dress, especially when the bride has the figure to pull off a great, embellished waistline!

Overall, we agreed with florist Jeff Leatham’s approach to keep the décor natural. The wedding was held at the beautiful Astor Court estates on the Hudson riverfront, so any floral additions shouldn’t detract from the intrinsic beauty of the landscape. Chelsea’s chic sense of style was carried through to the flowers, leaving us wondering when Chelsea Clinton shed the image of the teenage girl we knew from Bill’s campaign days and became so grown-up!

In Store Now: Delicately Perfumed Soy Candles

Ah, the smell of summer!  Unfortunately, those idyllic scents that come to mind (fresh-cut flowers, sea breeze, etc.) don’t always find their way into our New York City homes this time of year.  As we head into the last month of summer we find ourselves lighting up our signature candles to bring those hard-to-capture scents into our favorite places.  Castle & Pierpont’s distinct soy candles come in a variety of refreshing flavors: Green Tea, Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Geranium.  These clean and citrusy fragrances will quickly take you to heaven and back, as they are light and not overpowering as many candles can be.

C&P's Delicately Perfumed Soy Candle

Come in our store to sniff around all these different ways to detoxify your environment.  Light up and get with it!

Our soy candles have an approximately 75 hour burn time and are available for purchase for $35.

Visionaire Art Installation

Castle & Pierpont recently installed this art piece in the lobby of Visionaire for their upcoming show dedicated to the late Alexander McQueen. This piece was constructed primarily out of Wisteria branches, which were painted three different colors and woven together to create a massive, twisted vine for the entryway. The branches were then adorned with fresh, purple orchids.

Check it out for yourself at Visionaire, 11 Mercer St. NYC.

Visionaire Lobby


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